NITCAR is hosting a session at FIS this year (www.fisconference.org) – and we would like to invite YOU to present in our ‘balloon debate’. It is mostly for fun – so detailed literature reviews aren’t required. 

What do we need from you?

You prepare three one-minute pre-recorded slides on a research question, answering: 

Q1 – Why is this research question important to patients? 

Q2 – Why is the research important to clinicians? 

Q3 – How should the UK infection community tackle this research question? 

What will I get out of it?

This is an excellent opportunity to present at the largest UK conference in the field of infection. This is not only excellent for your CV, but is a great way to raise your profile among infection colleagues.

It is supposed to be light-hearted, but there will of course be a prize for the winner. As an added incentive, the first two presenters to be confirmed will receive a free ticket to Infection 360, in Birmingham on the 27th and 28th September.

What topics can you choose?

You can choose from one the ideas below – or choose your own favourite topic: 

1. Are oral antibiotics effective for Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia? 

2. How can bacteriophage most effectively be used for the prevention or treatment of infection? 

3. Can use of facemasks by hospitalised patients reduce nosocomial acquisition of respiratory infections? 

4. Does side-room isolation of patients with antibiotic resistant bacteria prevent their transmission? 

5. Does diagnostics education improve the accuracy of skin swabs and urine cultures? 

6. Does prophylactic use of oral vancomycin reduce incidence of C. difficile infection in patients receiving prolonged courses of antibiotics? 

7. Should we move to waterless ICUs to prevent MDRGNB transmission? 

8. Should patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis be offered prophylactic antibiotics to prevent PD peritonitis? 

9. Would routine use of alcohol-line-locks reduce the frequency of line-associated infections? 

10. Does removal of outdoor footwear in the hospital reduce nosocomial infection rates? 

Have you got any example slides?


Here are the links to slide 1, slide 2 and slide 3 from the previous balloon debate (FIS 2020) putting forward the case for single dose aminoglycosides for UTI.

Please use them for ideas and inspiration on format. Remember to keep your presentation brief and snappy!

How to let us know you are interested?

Please express your interest by writing to john.evans17@nhs.net

John Evans, NITCAR Meetings secretary