Project status:

Data collection completed; initial analysis completed and presented at ECCMID 2017. Manuscript drafting underway. Closed to new entrants.

Project details:

What is HOODINI?

  • A multi-centre service evaluation investigating hospital-onset diarrhoea

Why hospital-onset diarrhoea?

  • Data from previous studies shows it affects up to 32% of patients during their admission, but the problem has not been widely studied in the NHS
  • Latest NHS England guidelines for Clostridium difficile case investigation advise that hospitals should collect data on hospital-onset diarrhoea

What are the aims of HOODINI?

  • Investigate the prevalence, aetiology and management of hospital-onset diarrhoea, including whether patients are tested for C. difficile according to national guidelines
  • Generate data that are broadly generalisable to the rest of the NHS

Who can participate?

  • Any NHS acute hospital in the UK

What does participation involve?

  • Collecting data from 2 wards (minimum) on two days, one in January and one in June 2016
  • Uploading the data on to a database and sending it for analysis

What is the project’s timetable?

  • This project is now in progress and can no longer be joined
  • 01/2016 data collection: complete
  • 06/2016: 2nd round of data collection: complete
  • 06-09/2016: data analysis: in progress