FIS 2021

NITCAR was delighted to host a session in conjunction with the BIA at FIS 2021, online on Monday 8th November.

Trainee opportunities for audit and research in the UK was chaired by Dr Susanne Hodgson.

Session outline:

15:00: Introduction to session: Chris Chiu
15:02: Introduction to the BIA mentorship programme: Simon Stoneham
15:12: How a mentor improved my career –Case study: Malik Gibani
15:17: NITCAR update: Susanne Hodgson
15:22: What I learnt from undertaking a NITCAR project – Joyeeta Palit
15:30: The NITCAR project I would do: 4 potential supervisors present a brief
summary of their work and the NITCAR project they would like to supervise: Chris
Green, Philippa Matthews, Anna Goodman, Will Hope
16:10: Questions to panel