Project status:

October 2019: Thank you to those who submitted comments on the manuscript draft recently. The manuscript has now been submitted for publication.


CABI: Clinical management of Complicated intra-ABdominal Infection in United Kingdom hospitals

We are pleased to have collaborated with UK-based clinicians in a national audit of complicated intra-abdominal infection (CABI).

CABIs are associated with morbidity and mortality.

The management of CABIs includes source control and antibiotic therapy.

The optimal duration of antibiotics is though unclear.  We intend to complete a trial of short course versus long course antibiotic therapy for the management of CABIs. Before such a trial can be completed we need to understand how CABIs are currently managed, and what the current outcome rates are e.g. rate of relapse after treatment.  This national audit aims to provide this information.

Further details can be accessed via the links below, or please contact for more information.

The CABI team is multidisciplinary reflecting the management of the infection and  includes:

Dr Rachel Hyland (Radiology), Dr Andrew Kirby (Microbiology), Dr Anne Melhuish (Infectious Diseases), Dr Shafaque Shaikh (Surgery).

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