The annual meeting took place on 11th February 2016 in Cambridge. We agreed to support the following four projects in the coming year:

  • CA-UTI: Lead trainee: Dr Sarah Drake. The aim of this project is to survey current guidelines for catheter associated urinary tract infection and investigate the management of CA-UTI focusing on authorisation of urine samples, indication for why urine samples are sent, treatment choice and catheter management
  • CABI: Lead trainee: Dr Anne Melhuish. An audit of the management of intra-abdominal infection focussing on antibiotic choice and duration and how effective our current treatments are. Starting in August 2016.
  • HCV: Lead trainee: Dr Suzanne English. An audit of follow-up testing (serology and PCR) following a first positive or indeterminate hepatitis C serology result.
  • Vertebral OM: A project assessing how this relatively rare infection is managed across the UK. More details to follow.


9:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome and introduction

10:15 Dr Estee Torok: Translating microbial genomics into clinical practice

10:45 Dr Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas: Geosentinel – a worldwide communication and data collection network for the surveillance of travel related morbitidy.

11:15 Break

11:30 Dr Damian Mawer: HOODINI project

12:15 Lunch

12:45 Project proposals, discussion and decision

14:45 Feedback

15:00 Close