NITCAR held its inaugural meeting on Weds 11th February 2015 in Leeds, UK. Trainees from around the country came together to for a day of research related teaching and discussion of proposed projects. The NITCAR meeting received four national audit proposals, and selected a project titled: ‘Assessing the burden of nosocomial diarrhoea on NHS wards’. A point prevelance survey will be completed to define the proportion of patients in hospital who develop nosocomial diarrhea, the risk factors for nosocomial diarrhea, and how many cases are tested for C. difficile infection (CDI). This has been identified as a need in the recent CDI case assessment guidelines from NHS England. A multi-centre evaluation should generate data that can be broadly generalized throughout the NHS and also allow assessment of the factors that influence whether a patient is tested or not.

See below for the meeting schedule:


10:00 Registration and introduction

10:15 Reseach studies on C. difficile. Professor Mark Wilcox

11:00 Outcome measures in Surgical research. Dr Andrew Kirby

11:45 Endocarditis research. Dr Jon Sandoe

12:30 Lunch (there are a number of good sandwich shops nearby)

13:00 West Yorkshire Surgical Collaborative: how does it work? Dr Shafaque Shikh, Academic Clinical Lecturer

13:30 Presentations of project proposals

15:00 Discussion of proposals and decision of which to undertake

15:30 Close