Regional and supra-regional audit and research collaboratives exist to facilitate larger scale audits, service evaluations and research projects.  The aim of NITCAR is to facilitate such multi-centre projects within the field of infection.

Annual meeting 22nd March 2018, Cambridge: Details of our annual meeting are available and registration is now open.

HIS awards (deadline 1st March 2018): Applications for the Mike Emmerson Young Investigator Award and the Graham Ayliffe Training Fellowship of the Healthcare Infection Society are open. Proposals for research/audit/guideline writing projects in infection prevention and control are likely to fall within the eligibility criteria (which include other categories). Time for the HOODINI project lead’s work was funded by a Graham Ayliffe Training Fellowship. The deadline for applications is 1st March 2018.

January 2018 Newsletter: The January 2018 newsletter is now available.

FIS 2017: Details of the talks in our session at FIS 2017 are now available