Regional and supra-regional audit and research collaboratives exist to facilitate larger scale audits, service evaluations and research projects.  The aim of NITCAR is to facilitate such multi-centre projects within the field of infection.

September 2020: The Necrotising Otitis Externa project has launched and is recruiting interested centres.

Autumn 2020 Newsletter: The Autumn 2020 Newsletter is now available.

HOODINI publication: Our HOODINI collaboration have published their study on hospital-onset diarrhoea in the Journal of Hospital Infection. Congratulations! Led by Damian Mawer, the HOODINI (HOspital-Onset Diarrhoea INvestIgation) project’s 32-centre, 80-author “Cross-sectional study of the prevalence, causes and mangement of hosptial-onset diarrhoea”, studying 5142 patients on 141 wards in 32 hospitals, shows a lower than previously recorded prevalence of hospital-onset diarrhoea, multiple potential causes in many patients, and the possibility of missed C. difficile cases.